About us


Venini was founded in 1969. It started as a mechanical enterprise specialized in the production of articles for the packaging sector: manual strapping machines, distributors for plastic and iron straps and related accessories. The small manual strapping tool is the concrete example of our philosophy: craftsmanship and innovation, quality and functionality.

Meanwhile the "Equipment for ski" line development, the packaging sector has increased over the years and has led to the production of dispensers for strapping band and stretch film of different sizes, some more professional, others cheaper.

New contacts, international relations, improvedtechnologies: in fiftyyears of history, Venini hasmanaged to evolve from a small family company to a structured corporate organization with a team of peoplewho share the samevalues and objectives.

"Our products are born from our great passions. We know the needs of our customers well and we are able to design and implement the best solutions for them: personalized, quality and functional arrangement. Preparation, availability and customer assistance are our values, the values that make us a partner and not just a supplier.


Reliability, flexibility and professionalism are the columns of our company organization. Our main purpose is to provide solutions for any request and to provide promptly and competently answers.


Our company has a long experience in the field of precision machining: you can find this technical baggage in all our mechanical components, from the small details to the complete assembled groups.